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Fast and Simple Quote Process

Satellite Imagery

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When you contact us for a Free Quote, we use satellite imagery to accurately measure the area of your roof. We then get back to you at your chosen time to schedule a free On-Site Assessment, so that we can inspect your roof and answer any questions you have. If Roof Renew is right for you, we’ll schedule a convenient time to tune up and treat your roof to extend its life.

Our Service: 3 Simple Steps

A Detailed Assessment


90%+ of asphalt shingle roofs that are 10 years old or older are a candidate for Roof Renew. Either as a preventative to further decline, or as an alternative to replacing a roof that has failed. Before applying Roof Renew, we’ll inspect your roof to assess whether Roof Renew can extend its life.

Maintenance to Your Roof


Before treating, Roof Renew will perform a tune-up of your roofing system, sealing potential leaks around the flashing and making repairs for issues like nail pops and damaged vent covers. Once we’ve completed the tune-up, we’re ready to spray Roof Renew.

Apply Roof Renew Treatment


The application is quick, clean, and 100% safe for people, plants, and pets. It typically takes less than two hours to complete. Your roof’s flexibility, granule adhesion, and waterproofing protection will be restored to like new condition.

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