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About Us

A Revolutionary Treatment That Extends the Life of Your Roof by 5-15 Years, at a Fraction Of the Cost of Roof Replacement!

For over 20 years, bio-based agricultural oils have been used to treat high-traffic asphalt roadways, restoring their flexibility and extending their life. The many applications of this technology keep expanding every day - including the tires on your car. Thanks to Roof Renew, that same technology is now available for your asphalt shingle roof, as a revolutionary alternative to roof replacement. Our proprietary formulation is USDA certified, and proven through independent lab testing to restore shingle flexibility, improve granule adhesion, reduce hail impact, and improve fire resistance. It’s also environmentally friendly, and safe for people, plants and pets.


We guarantee that the performance and flexibility of your shingles will be extended by five years with each treatment, backed by our Five Year Limited Warranty, at a price that is up to 80% less expensive than a costly, disruptive roof replacement – and you can repeat the treatment up to three times, adding 15 extra years to the life of your roof.


Fast And Simple

Request a Free Quote and Phone Consultation today,  When you schedule your service, our experienced crew will inspect your roof, perform any minor repairs that are needed, and apply our product all in about 1-2 hours. If you need other repairs done to your roof or gutters, or if we decide together that it’s time for a roof replacement, we can help you with that, too.

Extending the life of your roof is that easy – Save Your Roof and Save Your Money, with Roof Renew!

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Square feet already treated across the United States


Saved For Customers

Signs Your Roof Needs Treatment:

Your Roof Is Nearing the End of Its Service Life

Until now, there has been no alternative to roof replacement that could reverse the aging process of your asphalt shingle roof and extend its life. Roof Renew can extend the life of your roof by 5-15 years, for up to 80% less than the cost of replacement. Before you replace that aging roof, contact us to find out if Roof Renew can save it.


Granule Loss

Granules are the “rock” coating that protects shingles from the elements. As petro-chemical oils evaporate, shingles lose adhesion, become dry and brittle, and granules start to shed, often ending up in the gutter. Roof Renew penetrates the shingle, reactivating granular adhesion, and holding the critical protective granules in place.

Brittle or Cracked Shingles

The ability to expand and contract in rapidly changing temperatures is vital to the performance of shingles. Evaporation of the petro-chemical oils results in the loss of flexibility, leading to potential cracking, and even leaks. We’ll caulk and seal minor cracks before applying Roof Renew, restoring flexibility.


Wind-Damaged Shingles

Evaporation of petro-chemical oils means the adhesive strips that hold shingles together lose their stickiness. That allows the shingle tabs to separate in a storm, causing damage and dramatically increasing the potential for leaks. Roof Renew re-activates the adhesive strips so the shingle stays in place during heavy winds.

Algae Stains

Black algae stains are prevalent across Missouri and Kansas, but most homeowners don’t realize those streaks are actually a sign of a failing roof. The reduction of asphalt content in new shingles means the oils dry out much faster than they used to and that is what allows the algae roots to take hold. Roof Renew re-saturates the shingle with bio-oils that choke off the root systems of the algae and prevent re-growth.


Any Asphalt Shingle Roof That’s Over 10 Years Old

Over the last 20 years, shingle manufacturers have reduced the amount of asphalt in shingles by as much as 40%. As a result, a “30 Year Roof” is now failing in as little as 10 years in the Midwest climate. Even if you don’t have visible signs yet, Roof Renew will reverse the deterioration of your roof, saving you thousands of dollars over the long term.


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Hear What Customers Have To Say

Provided fantastic and quality service! Really happy with the work done. Responds quick and gives fair pricing and professional advice. Would 100% recommend and will use their services again in the future :)

Trisha Antonio

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